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Www.chikka.com Register


You will also be asked if you want to sync Chikka with your phone’s contacts. Full Review Pat Balty June 30, 2015 It was working fine for a few days but suddenly I have to uninstall and reinstall the app because I'm not getting my messages. He growled, lips slanting over hers as he thrust again. most of my contacts are smart telecom subscribers.

ron is it really working? please help audrick · January 23, 2010 - 12:33 pm · I just want to ask about Chikka, everytime I send a text message to someone in the Philippines, they would Sometimes I use ebuddy to connect with yahoo messenger and ...Yahoo messenger Ever felt you?re alone? http://www.text-one-free.com Nudeln Send a free, fast and reliable SMS for free to the whole world without any hassling or registration - Text-one-Free.com http://www.text-one-free.com khirbz for ka edong: meron kc ako nabasa

Www.chikka.com Register

This app could only be used online. Full Review Marie Kim April 10, 2015 Its OK Its a nice app coz I can send message to everyone If there are Wifi only. I was using it when it was Windows Messenger (not the live version). Laura Joya · February 12, 2013 - 9:08 pm · Why does my chikka cant send a message for example i send a message to my mom then my mom doesnt

I can text my love ones in the Philippines for free and I am using chikka almost every minute. Kindly click on “Create an account” to proceed. http://jepoyeng.blogspot.com jepoy another tip, ask your buddy to register for his/her own chikka account before you try to send a message. Chikka Activation Code My account was already unblocked then I emailed them many times but they cannot do anything, They are incompetent fools.

i will still give you 5 stars Full Review Chikka Philippines May 28, 2015 Hi Larry, thank you for your feedback. How To Earn Credits In Chikka My crdeit lessens because some contacts received two messages. Cherry Multi "Tunay na buhay!!!!!" Technobiography has moved Popular Posts Testimony: NTC cellphone blocking 0 comment(s) | 11.13 view(s) per day Cignal Digital TV - Satellite TV and in hi-definition too… more send na txt sa globe or more reciv na txt fr globe?

This is obviously a system problem-not user account. How To Copy Contacts From Chikka To Phone As compared with the earlier messenger this has got more option available in it. The bad thing is either the receiver didn't receive my message or it really takes time before they receive the message. I have a question regarding chikka.

How To Earn Credits In Chikka

If you encounter any problems with the code, you can request for another one by clicking on “Resend code”. https://www.facebook.com/ChikkaPhilippines/ i don't really understand that "credits" thing.. Www.chikka.com Register Charissa Manubay · April 14, 2014 - 1:39 pm · my friend sent me a message in response to my sms via chikka, but i cannot see the message, i presume Chikka Insufficient Credits When you're signed in If you are currently signed in to Chikka, your account will be automatically updated after downloading and launching the Version 6 app.

Rest assured our team is already working on it and we will resume to sending your messages as soon as possible.... v04.03.00.000 B8 hi! Nothing save in chatbox..why? Thank you. Unlimited Chikka Credits

So I have decided to download it. need help ASAP http://singaporeflowersdelivery.net/tag/journey Chantay Hildahl Hm, So i'm ok with this however not fully certain, therefore i am going to research even more. hat will chikka people do about it. going now much worse day by day. . .insted of improving itself. . .i am very dissappointed with the service of chikka. . .

Full Review ßaby Me Carriagz April 1, 2015 It was okay But i had encountered a problem or whatever, can i ask you... How To Reply To Chikka Messages Her hands fisted at her sides again. It's beautiful worth enough for me.

Sign up via Chikka App You can also sign up for a new Chikka account via the Chikka App (Chikka for Android and Chikka for iOS).

Meanwhile, you can also add contacts one at a time by clicking on the (+) button. PLEASE PROVIDE A WAY SO I CAN EXPORT CHIKKA CONTACTS AND SAVE IT IN MY PHONE AGAIN Pau Manalo · September 22, 2015 - 4:05 pm · Hi! The page shows internal error 500. Chikka Credits Hack If you want to get premium designer items at bargain fees, have a look at thestandard on these internet websites.The market for 2nd hand Chanel bags is growing at a quick

Just open the message thread you want to keep, click on the dropdown menu and choose EXPORT THREAD. Add to Wishlist Adding... Lastly, you will also be asked if you want to sync Chikka with your phone’s contacts. reply highlightReviewStream.com

-2Ann says : Good day How can i read the whole message that i send.

He shook his head, stepping farther into the room. jay to anyone out there… i just want to know wat if i send mms chikka, will the chikka deduct it from the recipient? Full Review jimmy pimentel November 26, 2015 my account suddenly logged out i have three gadgets that has a chikka account but my main sim no.that i always link to use Chikka Tip: Send free SMS over and over and over ….

I am also trying to send a message to someone in my contact list but it keeps going to another contacts message instead reply highlightReviewStream.com

0Benjie says : re : I also Please enter the Chikka ID and password you’ve been using to sign in, then click “Next”. Would it say that to a 600mbps internet? Take it with you.

collette · August 4, 2013 - 1:50 am · Hi! It was working fine before. Full Review Baka Ako Yan April 30, 2015 Delete messages\New massgs a few seconds after deleting my mssages, its back agen. You just have a limit per day and if it just happens that you consume all the credits, then you just have to wait another day for the credits to be

Deleting messages doesn't do anything just makes a thread slow. Your linked mobile number will serve as your Chikka ID. It's free to send a text. On sign-up, you can choose to create an account using a mobile number or via social network.

Item removed from wishlist. 1 Install Download the app on your Android device so you can take Chikka with you wherever you go. Receiving a message from a phone will reload 2 credits what should i nood. Dezember 2014 · Dear Chikka users, Please be informed that we will have a scheduled maintenance activity tonight (Dec. 10) at 12 MN – 6 AM tomorrow (Dec. 11).