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What To Do When Phentermine Stops Working


Phentermine Hydrochloride Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that is meant to be used for about three months. I read from others on past postings on this forum that they too have had the same problem as you.They also reported that they took phentermine in the past and got better to lose it and learn to eat right & exercise so you don't die of coronary heart disease! At 3 months, we lost the baby and I picked up smoking again (by then I had gained 20 pounds) i put on weight over the next year...another 50 lbs. Source

This clinic is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is well known. As far as supplements go, Phen Caps are the closest we've found to phentermine, and they have a money back guarantee unlike many supplements you'll find online or in stores, so If one has taken phentermine in the past does this immune them forever from the dynamic effects? I feel as my body has gotten use to the pills. http://www.phentermine.com/blog/phentermine-stopped-working/

What To Do When Phentermine Stops Working

I'm due a checkup next week and plan to discuss with him whether or not this medicine has somehow affected my heart negatively. visit www. List of Ingredients Phentermine, hydrochloride, n-butyl, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl, and propylene glycol. I have been taking it for a month and I just watch fat intake and portion control.

Also, I weighed myself this morning and weighed in at 164. I was angrier than usual as well, and had the general feeling that I was a bad person. My physician prescribed the medication in February 2016 and I've taken it on and off up until July 2016. Adipex Not Working This is especially true if you are pregnant or nursing, under the age of 18, have a medical condition of any kind, or are taking prescription medications.

Best of luck! I'm Taking Phentermine And Not Losing Weight I read on the phentermine website other people writing that they didnt work or had stoppe working for them either. It's not a solution, Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! dig this But regardless of the appetite suppressing, I still ate exactly as outlined every 3 hours.

This drug is so scary! How Long Does It Take For Phentermine To Start Working I also was experiencing deep depression and anxiety. So, challenge yourself continuously to eat better and be more active by setting new targets and mini-goals to keep your interest up and you’ll be sure to enjoy more success losing Never disregard the medical advice of your physician or health professional, or delay in seeking such advice, because of something you read on this Site.

I'm Taking Phentermine And Not Losing Weight

Leah Jan 18, 2016 — Reply I have only taken 4 doses of my Phentermine. http://www.dietspotlight.com/phentermine-review/ Tried it again in July 2015 and NOTHING happened. What To Do When Phentermine Stops Working Should I be feeling tired now???? Phentermine Not Working First Week Anyone know of a Dr.

I did several bp checks a day. this contact form I would speak to your doctor about trying something else in terms of weight loss medications, or perhaps adding a supplement like Phen Caps to see if the different ingredients and In addition, it would be advisable to seek counselling or speak to someone about your depression, as without resolving this issue then emotional eating and lack of desire to exercise may I'm not sure mine are working as well as expected and I seem very tired. Phentermine Does Not Work For Me

I stopped taking it for a couple months because I hadn't lost any and gained 6 more pounds. go online and look for River Front Diet Clinic. Yes I have the normal every day stresses, like everyone else. have a peek here Plus they don't give scripts.

have you had a physical recently? Phentermine Not Working Anymore These were the only thing I could lose weight with. GP would not prescribe again until I was off it for a while.

Ive been to parties and I still make the right choices … there is always a veggie plate or a plain meat or salad … no worries … I love Proteins,

I weighed 124 in the Military, ran, worked out at least 4-5 days a week ate healthy and lots of water intake. I was 196lbs in 2006 and weigh 140 now thanks to walking Judged: 2 Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! I could not overcome the thought that my family and children would be all better off without me. Phentermine Not Working At All I do have a program where I can enter what I have eaten and also allows to scan bar codes and gives nutritional break down.

Usually they work pretty well and give me a lot of energy, but this last bottle I got had K/25 on it, and I have felt horrible since I have been I was given the RX from my PCP and started taking it. Id like to suggest the HCG weight loss program. Check This Out That's around 220 calories.

Copyright © 2016 Consumers Unified LLC. If not then it may not be working for you like it should. Back to login Sections All Topix Top Stories Forums User Forums Business Tech Sports Entertainment US News Weird News Offbeat Stars! No, I was still severely depressed.

Anyone else with the K/25 pills? My activity level is a little better than it was before starting phentermine, but not huge. I will keep my eye on this post as we may be able to help each other out. Reading all comments very helpful.

It is important to always follow the instructions of your doctor, so if you find that your phentermine prescription does not produce the same effects, you should not increase your dosage Went for second refill and doctor visit and lost 12 pounds. the problem is, is I keep gaining weight back. Starving yourself will cause depression, hysteria, self manipulation, psychosis, hair loss, malnutrition, and suicidal tendencies...

In example, eat an apple rather than drink apple juice. And in fact, many have detrimental health hazards. All I wanted was to be healthy again, I love to work out , I mean Damm I use to be a gymnast and a track star and in 3 other Your Weight Loss Specialist for over 25 years. © Copyright 2016.

The problem is finding a Dr. is no longer there anymore so I cannot find any dr. Not sure what I'm doing wrong... Not hungry at all 4th day, I love this pill!!!!

Why?! I honestly dont know the difference and am just curious.Also, I dont mean to be nosy, but would you mind sharing your height/weight. The doctor said “You have be discipline” “You need to think like a diabetic” “You will lose if you follow this like I prescribed” and always tell the waiter, your family, Sally Dec 23, 2015 — Reply Hi Abena, Well done on the 47 pounds lost, that's great!