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Office 2007 F1 Not Working

This add-in does not work in PowerPoint 2007. Select the desired search result To change views, navigate, or print information about your topic, use the toolbar buttons HINT: If there is no desirable browsing result, try browsing again or Press CTRL+F. I had started with a fresh Windows 7 64 bit build, fresh Office install, everything appeared to be working fine (but I had imported my old personal folders and archive files check over here

More specifically, I found that uninstalling the ePO agent and reinstalling it (the McAfee agent that communicates with our ePO server) fixed the issue on these systems. The Office 2003 Web Components feature installed with Office 2007 Beta2 causes the Office 2007 product to block its installation. ALT+SHIFT+X Insert a footnote. I uninstalled McAfee: help files displayed. http://www.techrepublic.com/forums/questions/office-2007-pro-help-f1-not-working/

When you first run OneNote 2007 the offline cache will be removed. Has anyone else had a similar problem with the help function. I spent hours and hours, easilya couple dozen,learning about this solution...withan excellent lead suggestion from Aravinda Balakrishna. In the case of copying the files from another PC where HELP works.

ALT+1 Up One Level button: Open the folder one level above the open folder. When print previewing in Outlook 2007 on Vista, any changes made in the page setup dialog that cause the window to redraw, will cause Outlook to appear white (blank) after printing CTRL+SHIFT+HOME Extend a selection to the end of a document. Saturday, August 29, 2009 1:52 AM Reply | Quote 1 Sign in to vote Solution -For what ever reason in our environment, accounts with user rights on the PC were having this

SHIFT+TAB Switch to the next tab in a dialog box. ALT+ the letter underlined in an option Open a selected drop-down list. EXAMPLE: All PowerPoint Press [Enter] OR Click SEARCH The search results appear in Help dialog box. Extend a selection (or block).

This is required in order to support our new Instant Search capabilities in Outlook. Open the Help dialog box In the Table of Contents scroll list , click the category most relevant to your topic A new page appears. CTRL+SHIFT+F3 Copy the header or footer used in the previous section of the document. Hence I would prefer to see if I could obtain the files Settings12.xml and settings12.xml.sig and see if this might fix the problem.

All the Best. ALT+CTRL+S Remove the document window split. WhenI try to use the local help files that are located in the 1033 sub folder, the help window doesn't go there.What is displayed in the help window (offline) is : F9 Edit and move text and graphics Delete text and graphics To do this Press Delete one character to the left.

Use the arrow keys to move the task pane, and then press ENTER. check my blog I was having this issue ver batim with one user. Your system should have at least 800MB free disk space. Or you can use the shortcut key F1 to enable the Help window.

CTRL+SHIFT+F11 Language bar Handwriting recognition To do this Press Switch between languages or keyboard layouts. Share Was this information helpful? Privacy statement  © 2016 Microsoft. http://noipc.org/office-2007/office-2007-online-help-not-working.html Continue pressing letters until you press the letter of the command or control that you want to use.

Friedrichsen combines her ability to teach with extensive industry experience to create clear, practical presentations. HOME Move to the end of the entry. One involved using Help files in other programs, I noticed small black boxes with white crosses appearing where their should have been graphics.

CTRL+SHIFT+F12 ALT+Function key To do this Press Go to the next field.

For example, to insert the euro currency symbol ( ), type 20AC, and then hold down ALT and press X. Accessing the Help Dialog Box Using the Help Dialog Box Viewing Information about a Dialog Box Critiquing a Help Topic Accessing the Help Dialog Box The Help dialog box is never Insert and edit objects Insert an object Press ALT, N, J, and then J to open the Object dialog box. To solve the problem (in my case), I went to the "VirusScan Console", right-clicked on "Access Protection" and selected "Properties", clicked on "Anti-virus maximum protection", and clicked on the rule, "Protect

Converting data from ACT! 8 is not supported. Use the arrow keys to select Close, and then press ENTER. I then opened Word and clicked on the help function. http://noipc.org/office-2007/office-2007-button-not-working.html ALT+SHIFT+A Hide or display character formatting.

If "Preserve Favorites website data" is left checked by accident, as I did the first few times I tried, it won't solve the problem :-)' Needless to say I followed Arkoenig's This document helps users find and navigate through the Help system. Top of Page Project 2007 Question or Issue Answer No issues at this time Top of Page Publisher 2007 Question or Issue Answer No issues at this time Top of Page ALT+2 Delete button: Delete the selected folder or file.

ALT+SHIFT+O Mark a table of authorities entry (citation). Went to the users' machine and tried the help function and surprise, it worked. ALT+CTRL+D Work with Web pages To do this Press Insert a hyperlink. F7 Extend a selection.

I hope this works for you. I certainly found out that the profile with this problem was missing the two files listed in this comment. Some users who upgrade from Word 2003/XP(2002)/2000 to 2007/2010/2013/2016 will find it hard to get the Help button, because all the buttons are relocated and organized in a new way. For the set of file formats with the lowest usage, we will be discontinuing support for opening and saving of these formats.

Monday, October 04, 2010 1:37 AM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote This does nothing for me.