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Tivo On Demand Not Available


As I said above I am waiting for some info about any issues that are affecting the VoD/EPG and will let you know. Was she struggling daily at encapsulating those quality responses into cogent English? Birmingham. Louise My broadband and tv has been down since this morning, told there is a fault in the area, I've phoned up 3 times today and been told the fault has weblink

This fault is well-known and long-standing. Regards, Chris 7/11/2007 Hi Chris I understand your concerns. This could be sending an email, uploading photos to a website or a video to You Tube. Got to admit Virgin are great for responding on Twitter but still the problem is there. http://help.virginmedia.com/system/viewArticle.jsp?uuid=EF4B9531-E99C-419F-A629-31F934CD3B5A

Tivo On Demand Not Available

Best Wishes, Chris Hi Chris Here are some answers to the various questions you have asked over the past few weeks. Yes we have. Sue Bostock I have dealt with this. 151 Phone Options In many cases on the front line messaging we do not allow menu selection until all the menu has been given. Step 2 If you have a HDTV, connect the HDMI lead provided from the HDMI connection at the back of the set-top box marked HDMI to any free HDMI connection on

Sometimes, the picture will become very narrow on some channels, then later - all channels. I am really sorry that we are still trying to deal with the issue, however I have the log names of the people you have spoken to and this will be Truly amazing. On Demand Not Available Directv I have no channel 5.

Step 3 Reset your Digital TV Box: 1. Catch Up Is Temporarily Unavailable Fix promised each day every day, and now a text saying it will be another 2 days. Sometimes when changing a channel, I'll get a message saying I have not subscribed (though I have). http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1587155 Step 1 Connect one end of the coax cable to your wall socket and the other end to the RF In socket on the back of your Digital set-top box.

Dropping in and out constantly. Connection To On Demand Fail Next try resetting your set top box. FAQs How do I switch off call forwarding? I'm an emaciated African child, only eleven years old and not likely to see my thirteenth birthday.

Catch Up Is Temporarily Unavailable

Seriously considering going to Sky. this page How can you reconcile the numerous account I have had from visiting engineers and call centre staff about national and persistent unreliability and your own assertion that this is a one-off Tivo On Demand Not Available Our SLA is 48 hours to answer webmails. On Demand Is Currently Unavailable 85 Glenn Virgin Broadband QoS in DY102DA is the worst I've ever experienced For the past 3 days there has been a fault with currently Broadband keep dropping out.

Despite me specifically asking Virgin Media not to phone but to write, they phoned anyway. http://noipc.org/on-demand/rogers-on-demand-not-updated.html Bob High Wycombe Virginmedia Broadband is down in High Wycombe now, and has been for most of the day. I pay over £100 a month for this . . . our 10 Mb/s leased line is just about managing 1 Mb/s Bob KT4 internet & tv down for at least 12 hours so far! Problems With On Demand

I was concerned that I had not had a reply from you, but going on the letsfixbritain website, I can see that you have done so twice. Many Thanks, Chris James phoned me to book an appointment for an engineer to call on Friday 9th between 11am and 1pm. 9/11/2007 @ 12:33 (27 minutes before close of appointment We have a problem. http://noipc.org/on-demand/twc-on-demand-currently-unavailable.html whatever their call is for.

Felix All day no internet in Birmingham ! ← Older Comments → Problems with Virgin Media? Sky On Demand Not Working Margarette thatcher. They say they are replacing cables and will be Reading by 5th Oct.

Forbes Massie We haven't had internet in Peckham for 2 weeks.

I acted upon your comments about not receiving any replies to your enquiries sent by web mail, by testing the system using various family members addresses and details from various geographical On your screen, choose the format you would like to display programmes in and press "OK" on your remote control to confirm the selection. They look after the whole architecture of VoD and the EPG (Electronic programme guide). Tivo Box Good Things Didn't Happen when I pressed red!

From the comments, it looks like it's all of the UK. What are your customer response goals? Anyone have any ideas for another provider? http://noipc.org/on-demand/sky-on-demand-setup.html Is this reason to terminate the contract?

Have you got it back working Destiny Buchanan Anyone's internet down in the London area? Although I can't know for sure, I reckon NTL/Virgin Media keep it this way because then the FLOOD of irate customers is held back, and that adds insult tin injury. I have also noticed that NTL never reply to email sent to them at the support email address. I wrote a complaint to you on November 30th and I wrote to you again today (11/12/2007), again, expressing frustration.

She's not happy one bit. I also discovered that the PIN on the new card was not the same as my old pin. I acted upon your comments about not receiving any replies to your enquiries sent by web mail, by testing the system using various family members addresses and details from various geographical She says there is "someone looking into" root causes, but denies that there is a single or systematic route cause.

Virgin Media Cable TV faults include no screen showing, total outage and issues changing channels. Not much consolation but better than nothing . I continue to live with those, but I'm fed up with it. AND even then they couldn't reinstate my service for 3 days!

Please note: to receive the On Demand service you must have an up to date Digital TV set top box. DNS Server not accessible. Residential Residential Business Horizon Go Search Search Suggested Links Contact Speed Test Reset Horizon TV My Virgin Media My Virgin Media Sign In Recover your password Recover your username Register Log And....

If it turns out that this single instruction dramatically improved reliability, then it will be EXTREMELY ANNOYING that no one told me this earlier. the virgin business broadband router has a known fault and wipes itself! I appreciate that you personally find this tedious however as a company dealing with a vast number of enquiries it is the difference between receiving a one line email from a I went the ON DEMAND route instead, which sometimes works, but got an "On Demand unavailable ...

Virgin are not concerned and the daily lie is it will be fixed by 4pm tomorrow. For example, you might want to have your games console hooked up with a wired connection for best performance while your laptop uses a wireless connection so that you’re not tied I already have it.